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Renato Mite
Writer and reader get lost in a story to explore a world in which they believe with all their imagination and this makes it real.

Hi, I am glad you want to visit my little universe of stories. Come in.
I am convinced that life is a collection of stories and we live the reality through the imagination.
Between ups and downs, sad and joyful moments, there is one thing for sure: understand what happens around us, catch it with our mind.
Is it clear why I like detective stories, science fiction, informatics and a little of philosophy?
I read authors who deal with genres and themes that fascinate me. Authors like Arthur Conan Doyle, Agatha Christie, Giorgio Scerbanenco, Fruttero & Lucentini, Andrea Camilleri for the detective stories. Michael Connelly, Patricia Cornwell and John Grisham for the thrillers. Jules Verne, Ray Bradbury, Isaac Asimov and Michael Crichton for the sci-fi. Douglas Adams, Luciano De Crescenzo and Stefano Benni for humour and fantasy... Anyway, the list would be incomplete, I always get something on which to reflect from each story I read.
I have always reflected a lot on what happens in our reality and so I started daydreaming on alternative realities and revealed mysteries.
This explains why I am fascinated by detective novels and stories where there is something to discover, maybe after many adventures, hacking a digital net or sneaking in a laboratory.
For this reason I started writing.
I imagine stories in which the protagonists search for the truth, want to do justice, shorten the distance between reason and feeling, and I have to write them, I can't help it.
For me, writing imaginary worlds and intertwine the stories of the characters means to express my ideas and to convey my vision of life.
I try to make you reflect and at same time entertain you with a pleasant reading, because the two things are not mutually exclusive. Think about how powerful irony is. Think about how powerful the court jester is, he who can make fun of the king.
Even if the passion is innate, I believe that my determination to make of writing my craft was born at age of seven, when I asked my parents for a typewriter. I waited three years to receive a true Olivetti Lettera 32 as a gift, and since then I do not stop writing and improving. Now I treasure the typewriter and I use a laptop computer both to develop software and to write stories.

Featured story

Consegna a Greentown


Sul pianeta Hiddin3 si diffonde una strana intossicazione, bisogna annientarla prima che sia troppo tardi.

I ricercatori dell'Università di Greentown devono trovare la fonte della tossina che ha colpito il loro sistema idrico e scoprire chi l'ha impiantata. I sospetti ricadono su un gruppo di potenti: gli Speculatori.
Bea Keysmith deve consegnare il Cloridione per annientare la tossina, il tempo stringe, dovrà volare inosservata e sfuggire a chi vuole fermarla.
Solo un volo clandestino in V-Zero potrà sventare l'intossicazione di Greentown, cuore della zona verde di Hiddin3.

Ti piacciono le indagini?

Leggi il mio primo romanzo giallo Aporia.

Due investigatori con abilità particolari, una ragazza scomparsa, una lotta contro il destino.

Edoardo Potestà e Kwame Nuru sono alla ricerca serrata di Federica, una ragazza appassionata di moda, scomparsa dopo una sfilata. Nell'arco di tre giorni si condensano interrogatori, perlustrazioni, spostamenti e inseguimenti in auto che sollevano uno dei tanti veli che avvolge il mondo della moda.

I due investigatori si ritroveranno legati a Federica da un passato che ritorna per intrecciarsi con lei e una modella.

Le informazioni scarseggiano, la pista si esaurisce, ma gli investigatori hanno le capacità per ritrovare e salvare Federica.

Entra nei panni dell'investigatore, partecipa all'indagine, vivi l'avventura.

Here they are

In this website you find plots, reviews, news and everything else about the novels and the short stories I have written.
You can read the extract of books on sale, download free stories and reserved stories.
I would be happy to read your comments: tell me if you liked my stories, if my stories made you think, if you did not expect that they ended that way, where you wrote a review.
I wait for your comments, write me to one of my contacts.

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Making of a story comprises of tiny things: notes, ideas, reasoning, dreaming, writing and revision.
All this happens before anybody can read the finished story, but readers are curious, they can not wait to discover the story.
If they could, they would peek from writer's shoulders. They would be Peeking Readers and you can be one of them.
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