Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

As required in provision n. 229/2014 by the Authority for privacy protection, here you find the policy about use of cookies in this site.

What cookies are

Cookies are strings of text stored in your browser by a site or by third parties' elements contained in that site.

Cookies are used to store information during the navigation between pages or for the next visits.

Types of cookie and consent

The provision distinguishes the cookies in two types, tecnical and profiling, and requires the prior consent by the user for using any cookie that is not technical.

Technical cookies store information just for browsing purposes and to provide services for the user.

Profiling cookies store information that describe a profile of the user, that is they gather personal information such as for example tastes and interests, to provide services according to the information collected, for example advertising messages. Profiling cookies include cookies by social networks.

Cookies in this site

In accordance with what stated in the section IX. Privacy of conditions of use, this site does not collect personal information.

The site uses session technical cookies to:
- avoid improper use of the site, for example avoid that robots or spammers use the services to send site contents via e-mail;
- allow user to browse the site with selected criteria, for example the language of the works.

The site uses permanent technical cookies to store user's preferences about this policy.

Besides, the site uses programming code by third parties, for example sharing buttons, that could install profiling cookies.

The user can visit the site with cookies disabled or disable the use of code by third parties further below in this page.

When you close the banner with cookie notice, you authorize the use of cookies.

If you use the site with the code by third parties enabled, you authorize the use of every cookie that third parties could install.

Notice by third parties

If you want to know how others manage cookies and information, here they are some links you should visit:
- Google
- Pinterest
- Twitter

How to disable cookies in your browser

Every browser allows the user to disable the installation of cookies.

Here it is how to do for the most popular browsers:
- Firefox
- Chrome
- Edge
- Opera
- Safari

Site owner

For other information about the cookies of this site, you can contact the owner of the site via e-mail at