16/10/2013 - English

I wrote you, but I have not received an answer yet. Why?

I try to read and answer all messages.

Delays in responding can be caused by different reasons:
- the amount of messages is larger than I expected and I'm behind with answers;
- you asked a difficult question;
- I'm working on a new story;
- I'm busy with other business;
- I'm sick or worse.

If I did not answer to a message, maybe the reason is one of these:
- message did not arrive;
- message was a simple comment, it did not expect an answer or it wasn't phrased as a question;
- you did not provide your e-mail address or another contact address and your name (surnname not needed), I would like to address my answer to someone;
- message was advertisement, I got it;
- message was spam, I got rid of it;
- message was insulting and insults don't need an answer.

If you think that your message does not belong to these cases and you want to press me for an answer, please wait at least 5 days from date you sent the message.
When you press for an answer, start the subject and/or the message with "RR" and insert details of first message (date, address/nick/username you used to send it, etc.) along with a short reference to the question. I will try and reply in the next 5 days.

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