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Questions and Answers

The author

Describe yourself, what are you like as person and as author?

I am reserved, meticulous and stubborn, besides I speak little and think a lot. As an author I devour words, my characters speak more than me, I like better the narration than the long descriptions and the rest does not change much: I am meticulous in the researches and I think a lot about the stories to write.

Why did you start writing so early?

I could not help it. Writing is part of me, Expressing my stories is the only thing I always wanted to do and the thing that I cannot give up. For me, writing of imaginary worlds and weaving the characters' stories means expressing my thoughts and conveying my view of the life. I try to make people think or at least entertain them with an enjoyable reading.

Would you do something else?

My second passion is informatics. I got a diploma as Ragioniere Perito Programmatore (Accounting Expert Programmer) and if I have to choose an alternative to writing, I would choose to do programming.

Which are the books you read?

I choose books for their plot, I read both the classical and the contemporary ones, as well as a little of philosophy and plays. The genres of fiction I prefer are thriller, humour, sci-fi and detective stories.

Who is the author which inspires you?

None in particular, I try to learn a lesson from each good book I read, even if you learn more from bad ones.

An author you admire for their writing?

The author I admire is Stefano Benni, he writes in a flowing and enchanting way, he uses a very wide lexicon and I have read some of his description of surroundings that are really evocative.

The works

What is the genre of stories you write?

When I write I do not think at genre. I have written in dramatic, fantasy, sci-fi genre. I think that the readers can try out different genres, it is natural that they have a favorite genre, but I could not write one single genre of stories. Each story has its genre and I write all the stories I feel I have to write regardless the genre, I make no distinction.

Which genre makes you feel at ease?

I have to say I felt very well with science fiction and I believe I will write other stories with this genre.

Why do you keep writing short stories?

Each story has its genre but also has its range. The story determines my writing and often the stories become longer than what I thought. An example is my first novel, Apoptosis took its space, it urged me to write the second part and discover the whole story.

See also Questions and Answers about Apoptosis.

What are you writing now?

The answer to this question is in the page "Stories in progress".

How long does it take you to write a story?

I write and edit during spare time and especially during weekend. It took me about a month to complete the short story "Effetto collaterale", but to write a short story it could take me also a few months. To write the new novel "Aporia" it took me one year and a half. In conclusion, it depends on the range and the peculiarities of the story.

Do you start editing right away after writing?

No, I interpose a lapse of time that allows me to look at the story with distance.

How do you approach the editing?

I approach the editing with great pleasure, even if it is less exciting than writing, I have to admit it. Doing the editing I found out that it is a very gratifying phase because it allows you to remove needless things, put in what is missing and improve everything.

What do you do when you finish the editing?

I relish the satisfaction for having completed the work, and then I take the road to the publication. If it is a free short story, I prepare the files for my website in the different formats to be downloaded (mobi, epub, pdf) and to read directly online. If it is a novel I contact the publishers, if none is interested, then I apply myself to selfpublishing, I prepare the excerpt and extras.

Who are the Peeking Readers?

The Peeking Readers are the subscribers to my mailing list that receive exclusive disclosures, information and previews about the stories I am writing. Besides, I set aside free stories to thank them for their interest and support to my writing.

Novel Apoptosis

How come "Apoptosis" urged you to discover the story?

In the first draft, the novel was an open-ended story composed by the first part "La breccia" only. An exchange between two characters urged me to write the second part "Il parossismo". George Tobell and Alexander Hitch O'Bones, the first one researcher in the company of the second one, talk about the state of the researcher due to a test and the tycoon moves the subject to the son of Tobell. I wondered why and in that moment, characters revealed me the whole story, forcing me to write the second part. As I write in the afterword of "Effetto collaterale", Apoptosis proved to be a world that has a life of its own and inspired me that short story.

How did you come up with the idea of the novel?

The idea comes from my passion for science. I wanted to write about a scientific discovery, then I considered that everybody pursues the health. At beginning, the idea was about a medical surveillance system that would spy health of people to create specific medicines. The system became a network for public health and the Pathoneuroscopy, a preventive diagnostic investigation, was born. The pivot of the story was and is an ideology accepted with the outlook of an healthy life, ignoring the real implications.

How did you acquire the technical and scientific expertise to write the novel?

I did a lot of research in the medical field, and the passion for science made it easier, indeed I enjoyed satisfying my curiosity. As far as the informatics, I read many manuals and I do practice by programming.

Why did you set Apoptosis in the USA?

To make believable a pharmaceutical giant that invests in medical research, develops diagnostic tools and installs a digital network for public health, you have to set the story in a country where this can happen. For this reason I chose the United States of America, and I put a little of Italy: Billy has italian origin and there are many references to our country.

In which future does the story take place?

The story takes place in an apparently future period, I tried to depict the present of the new technologies that affect our lifestyle. The most of technical and scientific concepts used in the book are real, as far as the Pathoneuroscopy, it could be soon, just look at the new accessories that monitor the vital signs.

If Apoptosis is a world, have you thought about a sequel?

Yes, I came up with an idea for a sequel, but now I cannot tell more, the idea is still faint.